Every Quilt Has a Destiny

quilting designs for Beloved Blankies and Show stoppers

As a professional quilter, my goal is to showcase your work and express your style, while simultaneously providing the necessary stability to ensure a long and useful life for your quilt.

I operate both hand-guided and computer-guided machines. Hand-guided quilting allows me tremendous freedom to customize designs specifically for your quilt, and to add refinements and detail to heirloom and show pieces.

Computer-driven quilting is useful and economical for all-over patterns or to repeat the same design in many blocks.

Price List

Edge to Edge 2½¢/in

Separate Borders

1st border $25

Each Additional Border $10

Custom $30/hour


I stock Quilter’s Dream battings in cotton, poly, cotton blend, and wool. $8-$11/yd

What Kind of Quilting do I need?

Edge to edge patterns are excellent for quilts that will be washed frequently and those with not a lot of contrast in the fabrics. A coordinating border pattern, especially on a solid or tone-on-tone fabric, is a nice touch.

Custom is a good choice to enhance a design pieced in high-contrast fabrics. Also nice for adding interest to plain setting squares, sashings, and borders.

You charge by the hour, so how long will it take?

I know “It depends” is not a satisfying answer, but the beauty of custom work is that you can have whatever you want.

Some quilts don’t need much to be charming and useful, and for these I can employ my “quick-and-pretty” technique, completing a custom quilt as fast as, and at a comparable price to, an edge to edge pattern. Multiply the square inches of your quilt by 0.025, for a rough estimate.

For the special quilts in your life, you’ll want to add some refinements: Stitch-in-the-ditch to make your piecing crisp; background fills to make your applique stand out; two or three or maybe ten different thread colors. At the request of my customers, I’ve quilted hummingbirds among the appliqued fuchsia, baby footprints (real ones), octopi, and mountain goats. Your creativity doesn’t end when the piecing does.